Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy CNY!

Happy Chinese New Year!
Gong Xi Fa Chai.
Selamat bercuti buat diri sendiri.
But NO, esok dah habis cuti pun :(
Well, better ada class daripada end up doing nothing all day long.
True, if ada class taklah membuta sepanjang hari.
Lately kenapa ntah penyakit malas serang bertalu talu tanpa dipinta.
*selama ni bukan memang pemalas ke? ehem.*
I mean, perasaan malas terlampau.
Rasa nak menangis bertalu talu lelaju. wuwu
*lap lap air mata*

Lately i feel so empty inside.
And of course, it bcme worse even more since first day of the semester.
malas. rasa kosong. aaaa rasa nak lari jauh jauh.
Tapi nak lari ke manaa? :(
Dalam kepala berputar macam2 benda.
macam2 orang muncul dalam kotak fikiran.
memang kena brainwash pakai clorox. kena sental kuat2.
sepanjang cuti ni pun rasa macam LOSER.
everything seem cloudy, dark, colourless.
*nangis sensorang*
k bye nak tenangkan fikiran.
Ewah ayat tak boleh nak drama lagi? haha
Guess what? Sebuah novel berjaya dikhatamkan harini. 
within 24 hours. I should read organizational theory text book like this.
k dah, bye. selamat tinggal dunia yang fana. :(

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hello 2013

Ehem, selamat tahun baru.
walaupun dah berkurun dah orang ucap Happy New Year!
tapi peduli hapa nak cakap jugak sekarang.

It's been a looooong time i haven't touch this thingy.
which means i nearly forget the password even the email that i used to sign in.
but somehow with the help of my super power brain, i push myself not to forget it.
So yeah, i miss writing a lot. A lot. I miss something i used to love.
I love writing. even if I'm the only person who get to understand what i wrote,
it's okay since i love it so much.
That's why i used to be the secretary since i was in secondary school.
but it doesnt mean i love to write all the formal letters bla bla bla.
That one is something exceptional. And i swear nobody love it either. HAHA

So, what makes me not writing for so long is just that,
Im just a little bit too busy with my own life.
Well, it's just one of the reasons, but perhaps it's just because I'm getting lazier!
the older i get the lazier i lazier i would be.
Typical student. I'm not excluded from that kind of typical one.

There's so much to write actually but everything seems to be messed up in my mind.
I'd like to write about everything. That's what i used to do.
Sometimes I used to write every single things happens to me.
But it was previously but i still have the intention to do so as well, but..
as what i said before, everything is messed up and tied up.
Cuz i cant find the source on how to untie it into smaller pieces.
I wanna write about my everything, i wish so.
But everything seems to be soo random.
I mean, my everything is just about me.
Well, nothing interesting pun. 
But when it comes into writing,
Nah, this is the major problem i used to face.
I don't know how to stop my rambling or ranting or whatever it is! Gahhhh.
Ok i think i know.
I just have to say:

Ok, till then, Good bye. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First and foremost

just dropping by to say,
Hello new day! :)
It has been a while yah I didn't post any of my anything here.
It took me forever for me to keep updating my everything here. hee
But somehow i miss to write, rant, ramble, or whatever u call it.
Yes, I miss my previous blog very much but I insist to reborn it back.
I may consider it as part of my past there. Yes, endless memory, move on. That's it.
Past is indeed a good place to visit but yeah, not a good place to stay. kan? :)
Just starting to be used to write more and more.
frankly speaking, I feel AWKWARD now.
Awkward to see whatever that I write.
Ah, whatever it is, happy new day. :)
*The awkward moment*